How to Conduct an Audit of Your Instagram Account + Free Checklist

How to conduct instagram audit

How to Conduct an Audit of Your Instagram Account 

Setting aside time to evaluate your Instagram strategy and techniques will help you improve performance, streamline operations, and expand your followers. So, how to conduct an audit of your Instagram account? Our best practices are shown below for your benefit.

P.S. Our free Instagram audit checklist is the ideal tool for keeping you on track while you get your Instagram in order.

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What Is a Social Media Audit?

An Instagram audit is a comprehensive assessment of your account and a perfect opportunity to check that your strategy and methods correspond with your company objectives.

Think of it as spring cleaning, except instead of ceiling fan blades, you’re polishing your Instagram posts.

The ultimate objective is to ensure that every Instagram feed post, Instagram Story, and Instagram Reel you publish serves a purpose and contributes to achieving your brand’s goals.

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Eight Measures for Conducting an Instagram Audit in 2023

Take these eight steps to perform your own Instagram audit and use our free checklist to keep track of your progress:

  1. Define Your Instagram Goals
  2. Analyze Your Branding, Tone, and Aesthetic
  3. Examine Your Shared Content
  4. Evaluate Your Degrees of Participation
  5. Assess Your Strategy Regarding Hashtags and Keywords
  6. Improving Your Instagram Bio
  7. Examine Your Marketing Equipment
  8. Level up Your Statistical Reporting


Step #1: Determine Your Instagram Goals

Before you begin your Instagram audit, it’s crucial to evaluate your Instagram marketing objectives.

Your Instagram account should be an extension of your marketing strategy.

To achieve success, it is essential that your goals are both brand-aligned and SMART:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable 
  3. Attainable 
  4. Realistic 
  5. Time-Bound.

You may wish to increase engagement if you’re a content developer.

If you’re a brand, lead generation may be on your mind.

Establishing these objectives utilizing the SMART method will enable you to create, track, modify, and advance your strategy.

TIP: Discover how to make SMART goals when you audit your Instagram with our free Instagram audit checklist.

Step #2: Analyze Your Branding, Tone, and Aesthetic

Your Instagram profile is your brand’s visual representation, so once you’ve determined your objectives, you must analyze your visual identity, branding, tone, and aesthetic. Do your profile picture, bio, and content align with your brand’s message? Is your style consistent across all your posts? Does it stand out who you are and what you offer? Analyzing these aspects will help you produce a strong first impression, persuades users to follow you, and maintain a cohesive visual identity that resonates with your target audience.

Ensure that your Instagram strategy aligns with the direction you choose to take the platform.

TIP: Use the same name and profile picture across all platforms to increase discoverability and offer a consistent experience for your audience.

Step #3: Examine Your Shared Material

Use all of Instagram’s post types for your benefit.

To engage (and maintain) your audience, your content should comprise a variety of formats, including Stories, Reels, feed posts, and Instagram Lives.

And if you’re particularly focused on growth, prioritizing Reels and carousel posts can be a tremendous asset for reaching new eyeballs on the network. For instance, in just 18 months, the Reels technique of creator Michell C. Clark boosted his Instagram account by +900%.

Analyzing your content is crucial to determine what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. Check your most popular posts, the ones with the highest engagement rates, and see what makes them successful. Also, please take a look at the least popular ones and identify the reasons why they didn’t perform as well.

Be intentional with brand-appropriate backgrounds, fonts, and editing styles, and maintain consistency.

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Step #4: Evaluate Your Degrees of Participation

Engagement might mean many things to different people, but ultimately what matters is how engaged your community is?

Is your audience leaving comments on your posts or saving them to later? Are they using your bio’s link? Sending you direct messages? Are they tagging you in content provided by users?

Most importantly, do you engage in a two-way conversation with your community? And are you monitoring your most engaged followers?

Whether it’s spending 30 minutes answering DMs every morning or setting up an hour each week to communicate with similar accounts, a flourishing community hinges on the relationships you develop.

Step #5: Assess Your Keyword and Hashtag Strategy

Instagram hashtags and keywords can put you in front of your target audience, providing you access to a large number of new followers.

Our advice?  Instead of choosing the most popular hashtags and phrases on Instagram, pick those with a more engaged audience that is relevant to your niche.

So, you may reach and cultivate a community of followers who will genuinely interact with your content.

In addition, the more niche hashtags and keywords you use, the more the Instagram algorithm will learn who you are and what you provide, allowing it to serve your material to relevant viewers.

Using RZYDigital’s Hashtag Suggestions, you can study hashtags in only seconds!


Step #6: Enhance Your Instagram Bio

A visitor’s decision to follow a user on Instagram may depend on the quality of his or her bio.

Yet with only 150 characters to establish the stage, the goal is to keep it succinct, engaging, and informative.

There are two elements that make up a good Instagram bio:

  1. Describe who you are and what you do using the name field, bio description, and category function.
  2. Inspire consumers to take action with a compelling call-to-action on your website or a branded hashtag for collecting UGC.

Check out the Yeah Wellness account’s perfect execution of this:

Yeah, Wellness’s Instagram bio is flawless, as it conveys its mission in a single, short statement and directs readers to its website with Linkin. bio.

The conclusion? Activity plus the brand’s narrative equals the ideal Instagram bio.

Step #7: Evaluate Your Marketing Materials

You can put your SMART objectives into action if you have the proper marketing tools.

The question is, are you utilizing the appropriate ones?

There is a multitude of helpful tools that can optimize your workflow, saving you time and effort.

Fortunately, the RZYDigital social media management service contains nearly all of the features you need to enhance your processes, including:

  • Plan single-image posts, videos, carousels, Reels, and Stories on Instagram.
  • Using the Visual Instagram Planner, you may see your Instagram feed in advance.
  • Gather user-generated material through mentions, tags, hashtags, or profile searches.
  • Create numerous captions (with spaces!)
  • Through a simple-to-use dashboard, monitor in-depth analytics.
  • Plus much more!

Concentrate on the essentials, and we’ll handle the mundane details.

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Step #8: Level up Your Statistical Reporting

Following the completion of stages one through seven, the final step is to analyze your performance using analytics.

By analyzing your Instagram Insights on a weekly basis, you’ll see how your material is performing and if you’re on course to achieve your objectives.

RZYDigital’s Analytics tool is the easiest way to monitor comprehensive data in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Thus concludes your Instagram audit.

Have you checked all of the boxes? Download RZYDigital’s free Instagram Audit Checklist and immediately begin auditing your company or creator account.

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