Everything You Need to Know About Content Generated by AI

everything you need to know about content generated by AI

It’s official: AI-generated content is currently in the limelight.

While AI-generated tools are not wholly novel, the increasing popularity of ChatGPT by OpenAI and has sparked a brand-new discussion.

Some have embraced new technologies with open arms, while others wonder if they will eliminate their jobs.

Our stance? It will not occur. Yet it will revolutionize content creation as we know it.

We’re breaking it all down — plus a new feature that RZYDigital is beta testing 

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  • What is AI-created content?
  • Will AI Replace Content Writers, Social Media Managers, and Marketers?
  • What Does Artificial Intelligence Content Production Mean for Your Social Strategy?

What is AI-created content?

In a word, AI content production is the generation of content utilizing tools driven by artificial intelligence.

AI chatbots such as ChatGPT use a language-based model, which means it will reply to the text you input and develop outputs based on the data it collects.

It can be used to produce everything from lengthy blog posts to social media captions to recipes.

Nevertheless, AI-generated content extends beyond writing.

There has been an increase in apps that generate artwork, AI-inspired social media filters, and photo editing tools.

And while AI can’t replace uniqueness, we’ll certainly be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years.

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Will AI content creation tools replace authors, social media managers, and marketers?

The short answer is no.

While we will see an increase in brands and solopreneurs employing AI-generated tools to create long-form articles, email subject lines, or social media captions, the most effective content still has a human element to it.

Even artificial intelligence is aware of its limits in terms of creativity and nuance.

In addition, excessive dependence on AI could result in duplicate content or copy that is loaded with errors and plagiarism.

Consider AI content production tools as a means of generating ideas and optimizing your productivity.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Content Production Mean for Your Social Strategy?

In terms of your social media strategy, AI can increase your initial content creation efficiency and free up your time to focus on other duties.

Alyssa Gagliardi, a content marketing specialist, explains, “It’s excellent for speedy brainstorming and outlining, particularly when you’re experiencing writer’s block.”

We already advocate the use of RZYDigital’s AI-powered tools, such as Hashtag ideas and Best Time to Publish, to save time and increase productivity.

We are now beta-testing an AI Caption Writer tool for this reason.

By entering a few keywords and phrases, you may produce relevant and engaging captions for your Instagram posts with this tool:

AI writing tools can provide useful suggestions as a starting point when you need further inspiration. “But, it is still crucial to edit and alter the copy to ensure that it is on-brand, written in your tone of voice, and tells the story you want to convey.

So, do we believe that you should move to utilize AI exclusively? No, however, it can be a useful supplement to your social media approach.

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