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The cost of pay-per-click marketing is too high.

Too spirited.

Too intricate.

It took far too much effort to “make it work.”

I made numerous attempts to make Facebook advertisements and other PPC advertisements a workable marketing channel for my company.

I became frustrated and gave up each time. The “referral rollercoaster” seemed to go on forever, in my opinion. Without any rhyme or reason, leads and traffic ebb and flow. If only there was a button I could press or a pedal I could step on to instantly increase traffic and leads.

Why is PPC so aggravating…

In recent years, pay-per-click advertising, such as Facebook ads, has gotten increasingly competitive. That means competing for eyeballs and clicks is more expensive.

But what’s even more aggravating is that spending more money on PPC doesn’t solve the cost issue!

While ad expenditures have risen, audiences have altered as well—particularly corporate audiences. When you, I, and most other people go through our newsfeeds, we’re trained to dismiss any postings with the “sponsored” tag.

sponsored PPC advertisement

Add to that the fact that investing in PPC does not feel long-term sustainable. Most advertising campaigns operate in brief spending bursts. When you switch off your expenditure, all traffic and traction come to a standstill.

As a result, the two most typical reasons for abandoning PPC in our marketing are:

The cost of each click is excessive.

We want our investment to pay off in the long run, not in one-time bursts.

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