How can we Create A+ Blog Content

Before you can start running Facebook Ad campaigns (or any other PPC advertisements), you’ll need the raw material to promote in those ads—A+ blog content.


All of the following must be present in “A+” blog content:

The topic must be focused on the problem that your company addresses for clients.

It must advance a crucial notion or perspective of yours (also known as the reason for your product’s existence).

The text must reach a high standard of professional writing quality, be optimized for web consumption, and be compelling enough to read from beginning to end. Consider bookmark-worthy stuff.

Because your company likely addresses a variety of distinct problems for consumers, each with a variety of components to educate them about, there is likely a wealth of article ideas that your writing team can run with. These can fill your weekly blog content calendar for months, ensuring a consistent supply of extremely relevant and highly targeted content, ready to be pushed through a variety of channels (PPC, email, social, and so on).

I recommend starting with two or three of your best performing blog articles when you’re ready to start leveraging your blog material to power your PPC advertising. Keep in mind that they must be tailored to the specific problems that your company solves. This is critical because you want to connect with people who have faced similar issues, making them perfect prospects to purchase your product or service. So choose your “best” articles with caution.

You’ll use Facebook ads to reach a larger audience (more on how to set up these ads below).

For example, we recently chose two posts from our ‘RZY Digital’ Blog to promote via Facebook Ads:  The first is this article you’re reading right now. The second is my post on how to effectively outsource material.

In terms of email open rates, social shares, and page views, both pieces performed reasonably well. Furthermore, they are directly tied to the difficulties that ‘RZY Digital’ solves for our clients (we help businesses outsource excellent blog content to use for business promotion).

In other words, when we promote these specific articles through PPC advertisements, we are investing money to attract people who are interested in the problems that we are here to solve. This is what I mean by “quality, targeted content.”

Get the supplementary resource for this post to learn more about the ongoing process of creating promotable content.

Action items:

Collaborate with your writing team to create high-quality, targeted “A+” blog content for your company.

Choose at least two of your best-performing articles to target with advertisements.

Rotate in newer articles over time to see if they can “beat” the ones you’re currently pushing with ads.

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