How do targeting the Fb Ads

As previously stated, this advertisement should be aired to a “cold” audience. Individuals who have never seen or heard of your company before. Of course, our goal is to show the ad to people who A) are likely to click the ad and B) are likely to become clients for our company. So, how do we configure our targeting?

When it comes to Facebook’s targeting and micro-targeting capabilities, the possibilities and combinations are limitless. Furthermore, they are always developing new and intriguing ways to customize who sees your ads. The issue is not a lack of options, but rather an abundance of them!

I recommend that you keep things basic. Begin with a “lookalike” audience based on an email list.

Without getting into the technical details of putting this up (Facebook’s guidance on lookalike audiences is available here), Facebook allows you to upload a list of emails to establish a “custom audience.” You can either target such folks directly on Facebook or target those who “look like” them. We’re going with the latter—a “lookalike” audience—because we want to reach new people, not folks who are already on our email list.

Many people now simply upload their whole email subscriber list and use it to generate a lookalike audience. This is fine. But, before you submit your list to Facebook, I recommend narrowing it down to the emails of your current and past customers, as well as your most engaged leads.

In my situation, I used a list of our clients, as well as a list of people who sought a sales consultation and a list of people who wished to see our sample articles. This list only includes those who have expressed an interest in becoming clients. I’d like to locate more folks who resemble these people.

Action Items for Step 2:

Create a Facebook ad with the objective “Traffic” set.

Spend effort creating short yet appealing ad content.

Match the ad’s image and headline to the blog item.

Make a “lookalike” audience using your client list.

Make additional ads for a second and third, promote-able article.

Set your daily budget, then activate it when the rest of the processes are complete…

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